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China begins construction of Tibet’s biggest dam


BEIJING: China has started construction of its biggest hydropower project in Tibet costing over US$ 3 billion, which will supply electricity to the economically well-off regions in the country’s eastern region.



Vande Matram

In India, however, the government is still working on the slogans for the new projects.然而,印度政府仍然停留在为新项目喊口号的阶段

Donin name of development, beautiful nature is rap*d!以发展的名义,破坏美丽的大自然

dmp999they are killing India and south east asia, just strolling他们在扼杀印度,在扼杀东南亚

J sterlingChinks are way way ahead in planning,management and implementation than Indians就规划、管理和执行方面,中国佬遥遥领先印度人


In India we are more interested in making black money and kickbacks印度人更感兴趣的是赚黑钱,拿回扣

Chander Shekhar

India needs to connect all its rivers. So many places have floods and so many places have severe drought…印度得把所有河流联网起来有的地方闹洪灾,有的地方闹旱灾

catindia champakIn planning and actual delivery of infrastructural development projects, India is far behind China. Even taking decision, it takes one decade so how can they complete projects in time!?在基础设施发展项目的规划和执行上,印度远远落后中国就连做出决定,印度也需要10年,如何能按时完成项目呢!

criticalobserverThe reasons behind China’s economic success are many but by far the important one is the building of infrastructure like there is no tomorrow. Recently, Bill Gates pointed out that China’s usage of cement in the last three years was more than what the US used in the 20th Century. After the completion of the Qinghai-Tibet railway in 2006, China is now able to transport raw materials to Tibet rending the construction of much need infrastructure much easier. This new dam will help to improve the standard of living of Tibetans.中国经济成功的原因有很多方面,而最重要的一点是,基础设施建设非常迅猛。最近,比尔盖茨指出,中国过去3年使用的水泥量,超过美国20世纪使用的水泥量。青藏铁路于2006年完工后,中国就能把原材料送到xz去了,基础设施修建起来容易多了新的大坝能改善藏人的生活水准

tadie mraTibet is part of China …what about northeast 100000 widows,every day 3 youths dying…yesterday illegally killed Arunachalis girl in Maharashtra….xz是中国的一部分东北邦的10万名寡妇怎么办,每天有3名年轻人死去昨天“阿邦”一女孩在马哈拉施特拉邦被杀

Md Ishrat ZamanWE SHOULD PROTEST.我们应抗议

Ram AnandIt is not amazing that Chines are building a mega dam in a illegal occupied Tibetan land without any challenge inside or outside the country. More strange is that they are

cynically quick in accomplishing such projects.中国人在“非法占领”的xz建设大坝并不足为奇。更奇怪的是,他们完成项目的速度好快

gupta guptaThis will again cause the earth to shift its centre.地球的重心会发生偏移的Bala SrinivasanThese projects have more military logistics too&it is surprising that INDIA&VIETNAM the two Riparian states are quiet about it.这些项目更多地服务于军事补给令人吃惊的是印度和越南居然对此保持沉默

Jasvin KaurNo matter how sweeeet China is never melt. China is trying to wipe out India by releasing the water By right India should firmly protest in the United Nations中国打算通过开闸放水,把印度淹掉印度应去联合国抗议

ubramani PandrankiDoes biggest dam means biggest problem to others countries?最大的大坝,对其他国家是否意味着最大的问题?

mall brown Aussie LundWny selective reporting ? They launched hypersonic missiles and sound satellite last week. No mention of it.为什么选择性报道?他们上周发射超高音速导弹,怎么没提到

Chandrak BaxiThey dont listen to barking of other nations.他们是不会听其他国家抱怨的


Why are we so obsessed with China?为什么我们如此迷恋中国?

k srinivasanIndia lost Tibet due to Nehru’s mistake. British warned Nehru not to accept suzzernity of China on Tibet but Nehru ignored that great advisen resulting China is at the door-step of India. most unfortunately now Nepal also has gone to chinese side. to sum up India’s foreign policy is totally wrong – srinivasan尼赫鲁的错误,造成了印度失去xz英国警告尼赫鲁别接受中国的宗主权地位,但是尼赫鲁不听,导致中国出现在印度家门口最不幸地是,尼泊尔也倒向中国一边了印度外交政策就是彻头彻尾的败笔

Dilip KumarIndia must now open Railways Universities and DAM & Canal Universities……印度必须开设一所铁道大学,必须开设一所大坝运河大学

Dilip KumarThey are expert in Dam, road & railways making so they are doing it…. and using as weapon against India & other Asian countries….他们擅长修大坝,修公路和铁路,…建好后将其当做武器来对付印度和其他亚洲国家

Amit Patel

Why we would care为什么我们要在意