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  there will come a time that we will not have the need to have an american fighter piolet risking his or her life up in the skies。 ground persenal and computers will handel all of the fighting。

  the problem is our goverment cant think beyound the box。 we have the ability to have a fighter, that can think for itself。 and it would cost less than a fighter that is desigened for a human to fly it。 all of the costs revolve around a person pushing buttins, and flying the fighter。 take the human equasion out of it, and i think that the cost would be cut by 40%。

  let the computers do the work, and save our young americans from death in the skies


  Our Wal-Mart Dollars in Action !


  they say that 30 minutes after you fly this chinese plane you will want to fly it again。。。


  air supremacy of the USAF is battle tested。。no one comes close


  This is what we get for bying all the crap that China makes。 It is hard to find any item made in USA in side the USA。 I think the government needs to put a stop on big companies suplying themselves of stuff made in China。 Basically, we are funding the next F-22 raptor enemy in the shies。 We need to buy more things made here and not there。。。



  "Emissions must be hidden。。。" I wish reporters would take the time to at least learn SOMETHING of the technology that they pretend to write about。

  A stealth aircraft can make NO EMISSIONS if it wants to remain "stealthy。" The second it gives ANYTHING off it is going to be detected。


  回复======wow look at he expert shooting down the writer


  Nice, now we can buy them from China at over half the cost ;)



  yep。。。。 and with 1/4 the warranty!


  probably at the neighborhood WalMart


  I can guarantee every one of you that they stole all the technology to build this and most likely it was from the U。S。


  回复:Yeah His name is bill clinton


  Wasn't stolen, we gave it to them and we're still giving it to them。 Everything we ship to China is reverse engineered, the process starts in Chinese customs。 There are a lot of tech companies who nominally have factories in China; in reality, these are Chinese companies using U。S。 names。 Every design we send to China to build is carefully replicated。

  Chinese R&D = Receive and Duplicate。


  Covered in lead paint。。。。。。The toy version soon to be found in MC Donald's happy meals


  America: You gotta be more transparent about your military, dude

  China: Ok, here's what we are building。

  America: 。。。what the f? You trying to show off or something?





  Has BILLIONS to spend on death but not enough in budget to help the live ones, unless you are here illegally


  They are going to need it when they come get thier money we owe them


  回复:thas funny as heck。。。


  Congrats to China for this big step in the J-20 fighter。 The world welcomes parity and balance, which will bring peace。 After the collapse of Soviet Union, America had a free hand and went on a war mongering spree, creating so much suffering in Iraq and Afghanistan。 China's rise is good for the world。 The world needs China to check US war mongering。 No more bogus lies to invade other countries。


  Of course, since we outsourced all of those aviation jobs to them, they just borrowed our technology。 Way to go USA。


  Why do we assume that the Chinese copied us or that it is crap because it is made in China? After all China made the world's fastest super computer and the world's fastest high speed train。

  ========真不明白为什么非要说人家TG是抄袭我们的,非要说人家四代机稀烂? 可要知道TG现今有世界上运行速度最快的超级计算机,有世界上最快的高铁!

  回复:I'm not sure about computers, but was the USA competing to build the worlds fastest train?


  Who builds the computers that our government uses in places like the Pentagon, White House, military bases and Department of Defense? Are they really built in China? We gave everyone the technology to destroy us。 How stupid are our politicans?


  回复:Pretty stupid, Greg。 I think our enemies must sit back and laugh at how easy it is to get our best technology。 Very frustrating。


  Hewlett Packard is opening a mega factory in Vietnam, labor in China is to high for them。


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